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      諸城市神龍機械廠成立于2004年,十幾年來一貫遵循質量取勝的宗旨,將用戶滿意作為產品質量標準。從產品設計,生產到用戶使用過程都嚴格實施一系列有效的質量保證措施。建立用戶檔案,為用戶提供專業、快捷、 優良的售后服務,確保用戶無后顧之憂。為廣大用戶提供精良的設備,讓用戶省心、省時、省力,生產出優良的產品,使產品名揚四海,走進千家萬戶,是我們的目的;也是我們加工機械企業的責任。



      Zhucheng Shenlong machinery factory, located in Chang Cheng Industrial Park, east of Qingdao, Huangdao, Rizhao to the south, north to Weifang, West to Linyi, is an important land transport hub in Jiaodong, transportation is very convenient, developed.
      Zhucheng Shenlong machinery factory has always adhered to the purpose of quality win, customer satisfaction as the product quality standards. A series of effective quality assurance measures are strictly implemented from product design to production. The establishment of user files, to provide users with professional, fast, high-quality after-sales service to ensure that users do not worry about. Provide excellent equipment for the majority of users, allowing users to worry, time-saving and labor-saving, the production of high-quality products, make the product into thousands of households, is well-known in the world, our purpose is our processing machinery enterprises; responsibility.
      Quality is the fundamental, service is the guarantee, people-oriented enterprise. Adhere to the "quality of quality, the products win the market" of the faith, has established a comparatively perfect quality guarantee system and service system to provide customer service, customer service service satisfaction for the user, to establish extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts manufacturers and individuals.
      Zhucheng Shenlong Machinery Factory warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate business.